About Us

kepler_logo_2014Kepler Biocomputing, LLC is a consulting and software development company providing bioinformatics and computational biology solutions. We conduct independent research and development to support our commercial enterprise.

Our Name: Johannes Kepler was an inspirational data miner who inferred the planetary laws of motion by analyzing the astronomical observations of Tycho Brahe. This great feat was accomplished in the early part of the 17 century without the use of computers. Kepler Biocomputing seeks to infer biological mechanisms and drug targets by leveraging  research data in the public domain. This effort involves crunching so-called BIG DATA to infer new plausible and well-supported hypotheses.

We specialize in visualizing high-content data and knowledge in interactive networks.

For a quote, please send a description of your biocomputing needs to quote@keplerbiocomputing.com